Devi Suktam

Devi sukta is a popular hymn from the Rig Veda 10.8.125. It contains 8 riks. The Mantra Drashta of the Devi Suktam is Vaak the daughter of Rishi Ambhrina. And hence, it is also called "Ambhrina Sukta" or "Vak Sukta". This great mantra “Devi Suktam” sprang forth from the deep chasms of the her (the Rishika Vaak) heart which is Atma-Stuti when she was in communion with her Chit / I-ness / Aham Sphurana in the her Hridaya Guha Rupa Dahara Akasa.

We are giving below the literal meaning. But the esoteric meaning and interpretations are different.

Aham Rudrebhir vasubhir charami,
Aham aadhithyer uta vaisvadevaii,
Aham mithra varunobha bibharmi,
Aham indragni, aham ashvinobha.

I move with Rudras and Vasus,
I walk with the Sun and other Gods,
I esteem mithra, varuna
And Indra, fire and the Aswini devas.

Aham somam ahaanasam bhibhrami
Aham thwashtaaramr utha pooshanam bhagam,
Aham dadhami dravinam havishmathe,
Supravye yajamanya sunwathe.

I esteem Soma, which is extracted,
I support thwastri, pushan and bhaga,
I give wealth to those who perform yagna,
Who reach the gods with offerings.

Aham rashtri samgamani vasoonaam,
Chikithushee pradhamaa yagniyaanaam,
Thaam maa devaa vyadhaduha puruthra,
Bhuristhathram bhooyar visayanthim.

I am the one who gives wealth to the nation,
I am the first one to whom this sacrifice is addressed,
The gods have found my manifoldness,
And enter in to it and take possession of the manifoldness.

Mayaa so annamathi
yo vipasyathi,Ya pranithi
y aim shrunothi yuktham,
amaanathvo maam tha upa kshiyanthi,
Shrudhi shruthi shraddivam they vadami

I am the power which makes one eat the food, to see, to breath,
And to hear what I am saying,
They who do not believe me perish,
And I am telling you the truth, hear with attention.

I brought about the progenitor in to earth,
I sprang from the water of the ocean,
And from there I spread throughout the universe,
I touch that heaven with a flowering body.

Ahameva vatham yiva vatha yiva pravami,
Arambhamana bhuvanani viswam,
Paro dhiva para yena prithwya,
Yaithavathi mahinaa sam bhabhoova.

I blow like the fierce winds,
Which commences from the universe,
Which extends far beyond heaven and far below the earth,
And I have become very gross because of this.

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