Bhumi Pujan

We all have been taught about the five important elements as per our Shastras – Agni, Jal, Aakash, Vaayu and Prithvi. Prithvi - the earth; is also referred to as Bhoomi. Bhoomi is like the base, without which, it is difficult to sustain. She is our mother, and no life can exist without Her. Bhoomi is very Pujneeya to all Hindus. Praying to her for our well-being and prosperity is known as Bhoomi Puja. It is a very important ritual that is purely devoted to worshipping this mother. Bhoomi Puja is revering to the piece of land before any sort of construction starts.

Significance of performing Bhoomi Puja

Bhoomi or the land is the mother to everything that exists on earth. All living things end their lives into the ashes and dust that get mixed with the bhoomi. So, when you build a building or even till the land for agricultural purpose, it is very important that you seek and ask for permission from the mother and also pray to her for blessing you so that you are successful in what you are going to do. A dedicated worshipping and performance of the Bhoomi Puja will reduce all the negativities from the land and space and you will be able to succeed in what you do.

When we can do Bhoomi Puja:

Performing the Bhoomi puja is very beneficial when you are starting to build an apartment on a land or are going to stay in there. Not only this, but also when you are going to perform some agricultural tasks on the land, you must perform this puja for a prosperous outcome. This works as the correction of the Vaastu. However, the best time to do this puja is in the months of shravan, kartik, margshirsh and paush.

Bhoomi puja process:

The bhoomi puja process needs a kalash of ganga jal, betel nut, flowers, rice, mango leaves, roli or vermillion, moli or kalava, turmeric or haldi and durva or grass, etc. The worshipper has to face towards the eastern direction. In a cleaned and raised platform before you, you will need to place those deities that you worship regularly. The kalash with a red cloth draped around and a coconut placed on it is kept in the womb of the earth or land.

What are the rituals of the bhoomi puja?

At the beginning of the puja, there is the performance of someother pujas including navgrah puja, ganpati puja, small vishwakarma puja and the shodash matrika puja. The worshipper has to pay regards to the vaastu purush as well as to the mother earth. The pandit guides the worshipper in doing the puja and performing all the necessary rituals. The important ones amongst them are the sankalp, manglik dravyasthapana, shatkarma, bhoomi abhisinchan, devi poojan and pran pratishtha. When all of these are performed, the deities and Kul Devta and Kul Devi is worshipped.

What is the importance of Bhoomi puja?

The bhoomi puja is very important and very much necessary for those, who are proceeding forward to build a new house or going to start the cultivation of the season. The puja will bring the blessings of the Mother Earth and ensure a good result by eliminating the negativities.

Benefits of Bhoomi Puja

Performing this puja will ensure: The smooth completion of the work. The well being of the people going to live in the property. In case of agricultural tasks, the crops will be huge in production. The Vaastu purush will be happy and satisfied, pouring His blessings on the worshipper.

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