When is Lohri in 2019?

14 January (Tuesday)


The festival of Lohri is about to come and embrace everyone in joy and celebrations. The Lohri festival is celebrated with sheer joy by people. Many cultural events take place and people enjoy every bit of this festival. Lohri is the harvest festival and is enthusiastically celebrated by Sikhs. It is basically the festival of Punjab and Haryana. The celebrations of Lohri start early morning and people wish each other for blissful Lohri. They send SMS' to each other and greet each other through calls. You can find very appealing Lohri messages or SMS on AstroSage and send them to your loved ones. The Lohri SMS are free of cost. You can send these warm and lovely Lohri SMS to your friends and relatives to convey your heartiest feelings. You can send these Lohri SMS to anyone to wish them happy Lohri. Not only Lohri SMS, but also you can download free Lohri wallpapers and color your surroundings by the festival of Lohri. The Lohri wallpapers, just like the Lohri SMS, are available to download for free. You can download the attractive Lohri wallpapers and set them as the background for your desktop, laptops and tablets. The Lohri pictures are very attractive and beautiful and truly convey the feeling of joy in your heart. You can download the Lohri wallpapers or Lohri pictures for free and set them as the background to get the true feeling of this festival. Also come to know about the legend behind the festival Lohri and how it is celebrated everywhere.

The joy of Lohri festival not only lies in Lohri wallpapers, Lohri pictures and Lohri SMS, but also in Lohri songs. The basic essence of the Lohri festival lies in the Lohri songs. The Lohri songs are just like folk songs that are sung to thank the god for rich harvest and abundance. The Lohri songs are also sung to commemorate the Punjabi warrior Dulla Bhatti. He is the central character of most of the Lohri songs. The Lohri songs are sung to give him respect for the services he rendered during his time. People send Lohri wishes to each other, also mentioning about the Robin Hood of Punjab- Dulla Bhatti. The Lohri songs, Lohri wallpapers, Lohri pictures, Lohri SMS or Lohri greetings, all have a value of their own. They convey those innermost feeling of your heart that you want to share with your loved ones.

Lohri is the festival of Punjab but it is now widely celebrated by the Hindus too. Not only Punjabis and Haryanvis, but also people from other areas and regions celebrate this festival with great joy and fervor. Lohri is also celebrated by Hindus all over the country. Lohri is just like a thanksgiving festival, as the farmers on Lohri commemorate and thank the almighty for abundance and rich harvest. It is the harvest festival and people indulge into merry making and celebrations just before hard work is waiting for them in fields. Lohri is the perfect time for farmers to celebrate with their family and relatives. People light bonfire and sit around it and celebrate the festival. Groundnuts, til, gur etc are the first choice of people to eat and enjoy. They sit together and sing Lohri songs to enjoy and celebrate. The festival of Lohri is really very beautiful and you can make it even more beautiful by sending Lohri SMS, Lohri greetings, Lohri wishes and singing Lohri songs.

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