When is Dusherra in 2019?

08 October (Tuesday)

Vijayadashami Muhurat For New Delhi, India
Vijay Muhurat : 14:05 to 14:53
Duration: 0 Hour 47 Minute
Aparahan Muhurat : 13:18 to 15:40

Dussehra is celebrated on the day when Dashami Tithi (tenth date) of the Shukla Paksha (bright fortnight) of Ashwin month is prevailing during the Aparahan Kaal. The festival is celebrated to remark the victory of good over evil because on this day, Lord Rama had killed Ravan. At some places, the festival is also known as Vijayadashami, as it is believed to be associated with the Goddess Vijaya. Some people also know this festival as Ayudhapuja.

About Dussehra Muhurat
  1. Dusshera is celebrated on the Ashwin Shukla Dashami during Aparahan Kaal. This Kaal is the duration of the time which begins from the tenth Muhurat after sunrise and ends before the twelfth Muhurat.
  2. If Dashami is prevailing for 2 days and Aparahan Kaal is being covered only during the second day, Dussera will be celebrated on the second day only.
  3. If Dashami is prevailing during the Aparahan Kaal of 2 days, Dushera will be celebrated on the first day only.
  4. If Dashami is prevailing through the 2 days but not in the Aparahan Kaal of any day, Dussehra festival will be celebrated on the first day.
Dussehra Puja & Celebration
  1. Find a pious and auspicious place to worship in the Northeast direction from your home. It can be the vicinity of a temple, garden, etc. It will be great if the entire family can be involved in the Puja. However, individuals may also perform it alone.
  2. Clean the area and make Ashtadal Chakra (the ring of 8 lotus petals) with Sandalwood paste.
  3. Now, take Sankalp that you are performing this Puja of Goddess Aparajita for the welfare of your family and yourself.
  4. After that, invoke Goddess Aparajita in the centre of the Chakra with this Mantra: “अपराजिताय नमः"
  5. Now, on her right invoke Goddess Jaya with the Mantra: “क्रियाशक्त्यै नमः”
  6. On her left, invoke Goddess Vijaya with the Mantra: “उमायै नमः”
  7. After that, perform Shodashopchar Puja with the name Mantras: “अपराजिताय नमः”, “जयायै नमः”, “विजयायै नमः”
  8. Now, pray - “O Goddess, I have performed the Puja rituals as per my ability, kindly accept it before departing.”
  9. As the Puja is over now, perform Namaskar.
  10. Perform Visarjan with the Mantra: “हारेण तु विचित्रेण भास्वत्कनकमेखला। अपराजिता भद्ररता करोतु विजयं मम।”
Dussehra Legend

As per the beliefs, the festival got its name Dussara because on this day, Lord Rama had killed the ten-headed (Das Sar) demon, Ravana. Since then, the 10 heads of Ravana effigies are burnt considering each of them as the manifestation of lust, anger, greed, delusion, intoxication, envy, selfishness, injustice, inhumanity, and ego.

Duryodhan had defeated Pandavas in the game of gambling. As promised beforehand, Pandavas had to go for 12 years of exile along with an extra year of hidden life. In that last one year, they had to stay hidden from everyone and if found by anyone, they would repeat their 12 years of exile. For that one year, Arjuna had hidden his bow, Gandiva on a Shami tree and worked for King Viraat with the fake identity of Brihannala. When the son of the King asked Arjuna to help him in protecting the cows, Arjuna brought back his bow from the Shami tree and defeated the enemy.

Another legend states that when Lord Rama began his journey toward Lanka for the war, Shami tree had announced the victory of the Lord.

If you want to relish the real taste of this festival, visit Mysore. The Mysore Dasara Festival is famous for its grand celebration. From the day of Dashahra only, people accelerate their preparations for the Diwali festival.

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