Narshima Anusthan

Bagavtham Narasimha Swami says to Prahaladha “Who learns about my Avathara ( Narisimha Avataram ) and your story, they will not be reborn. “ In the Dasa avatars the first 4 are very different from the rest of them. The first four Avatars came by themselves, while in the later 6 avatars Lord Srimanarayana has taken birth like an ordinary human being. Even in the first 4 avatars the fourth one Narasimha Avataram is very special.

In the southern part of our country, Especially in Andhra Pradesh there are several temples of Narasimha Swamy. Some of these are not well known. There is a special puja performed in these Narasimha Swamy temples. These temples, which were grand in the past, now do not have anyone to even light a lamp which makes us sad.

With the grace of the Lord I wrote 7 books on the lord now. All of them have been well received by the lord’s devotees. In these the second book “Sri Venkateswara Vratha Kalpam” was received very well by the public it is being performed in temples in India and abroad. Many devotees are performing this vratham at home regularly with great devotion and receiving the lords blessings. I could write all these books only due to the grace of Lord Srinivasa. I could write even this Narasimha vratham with the grace of the Lord. I only held the pen, the Lord wrote the words. I am only an instrument in the Lords hands. I strongly believe that this vratham will be performed regularly at temples and devotees homes with great devotion.

Writing these books is the fruits of my good deeds in the past births. When I began writing this vratham and when I began writing the stories, both happened on the day of the birth star “Swati” of Lord Narasimha. This is nothing but his grace.

Sri Narasimha Swami loves his devotees a lot. This vratha that the Lord himself has given is very easy to perform. Any kind of difficulties will vanish as soon as this vratham is performed. The lord knows all our difficulties and limitations in this Kaliyuga. That is the reason the Lord has given us a very easy way to please him and get his blessings. Those who perform this Vratham, eat the prasadam, or read or listen to the stories with devotion, they will get rid of all their difficulties.

Many Salutations to Lord Narasimha and Goddess Lakshmi who gave us this luck (opportunity to write their stories). I will use my life to serve the Lord. My goal is taking the Narasimha Tatwa close to the hearts of the public.

I pray to Lord Narasimha and Goddess Lakshmi that all those who helped me write this book, those who perform this vratha, read or listen to the stories, or eat the prasadam get health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

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