Hanuman Puja

Shri Hanumanji has been adorned as the Adhipati(Supreme) Lord of the Kaliyuga. In this age, when we live in a world of discord, difficulties, the worst of circumstances, etc all are mitigated by chanting this powerful and miraculous Bajrang Baan Maha Mantra. Once you do sankalp (take pledge) to do the Anushthan(recite the mantra), you will notice soon that your work gets done, health improves, wealth increases, the money that you earn and leaves your hand easily stays with you, in other words, you are able to save. You feel victorious over enemies, you can overcome family discord, monetary difficulties, loans, debts, bank loans, money lenders troubling you, losing job, social obligations, court cases, imprisonments and other issues are sorted. Hanumanji is invoked during Shani Sade Sati, Shani Dhaiyya, Shani Mahadasha and also when Mars/Mangal is malefic.

Shri Hanumanji the Supreme devotee of Shri Ram chanted only one word- Ram, Ram, Ram. He undertands the importance of a devotees’ devotion more than anyone else. Invoking the Bajrang Baan is the best way to call upon Shri Hanumanji for help and assistance.

Procedure to do Anushtan/Invocation

Start on the Tuesday of a Shukla Paksha and do the anushtan for 40 continuous days. Take 05 grains like whole Wheat, Rice, Moong (Split and skinned Green Gram), Udad (Split and skinned black gram) and Til (black sesame seeds) Take a fistful of the above each and soak overnight in gangajal or the water from the Holy Ganges and the next day i.e Tuesday remove them and grind them to a thick paste and make a handmade diya out of it. Use Chameli Oil/Jasmine or Mustard/Sarson Oil or Til/Tilli Oil for the Diya Take Red Cotton thread and measure your entire length of body 5 times and make a baati out of it to burn the akhand diya. Take a photo of Shri Hanumanji which depicts the Shri Ram along with Sitaji and Shri Lakshman with Hanumanji with folded hands at their feet. This photo is popularly called as “Ram Darbar” See below for sample photos. Take a Red color cloth to sit on/asan. Wear freshly ironed Red clothes. Light gugal or frankinscence before and after the Anushthan. Frankinscence (guggal) is a favorite of Shri Hanumanji. Place the photo in the south-facing direction. You should be facing North and the photo should face South.(South is the direction, Hanumanji traveled to rescue Ma Sita, so this direction is his most favorite.). You have to maintain celibacy for 40 days. Light Akhand Diya (continuous lamp without disturbance or extinguishing). Take a Sankalp (pledge) at the altar before you start with whatever it is that you wish for to be fulfilled. Recite the entire Bajrang Baan. Read here to know why the chanting of hanuman Chalisa is important. Do this for 40 days without break.

Sookshma Mantra of Bajrang Baan-

This Chaupai (quartret of the Powerful Bajrang Baan) is for people who are unable to read the entire Mantra due to lack of time and lack of praying privacy can chant this sookshma(condensed) form on a red sandlwood maala atleast 108 times everyday.

“Charana Sharan kar jori mana-oan| Ehi awsara aba kayhi gohra-oan || Uthu Uthu Chalu Tohi Rama Duhai | Paayain paroan kara jori manaayaii ||

If you invoke Hanumanji by this quatret, by the end of 40 days, whatever it is that you had started the anushtan for will be fulfilled and certainly the troubles and problems that you are facing will be reduced gradually. This is no joke, The miraculous Bajrang Baan is a mantra like no other.

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